We can provide boom pumps up to all sizes to meet your requirements.

Our booms range from large to mini booms to cater for all your concrete pumping needs.


  • Measure the length/height that the boom needs to carry the concrete. Always allow a little extra.
  • Ensure you speak with our staff and run over the job over the phone. This will include, type of job to pour, type of concrete, distance and height of the job and also how many cubic metres will the job will take.


  • Boom pumps are great for house slabs, footings, carparks, driveways, bridges, multi storey construction and anything that required height and length reach.
  • They have more movement and versatility ¬†then line pumps and can move around the concrete pour alot more efficiently.

About Boom Pumps:

Boom trucks are structural units that include a pump, a frame and the truck that supports them.
Boom trucks are suitable for various concrete pouring jobs such as high-rise towers, and big commercial and industrial projects. They are available in a wide array of models, ranging from single-axle truck mounted pumps to six-axle rigs. This makes them a good choice for small projects where finding room for your equipment is a challenge, as well as for large-scale buildings that call for extremely powerful pumps and long reach.

Large Boom Pump