Concrete Line Pump Hire Services

We boast a large fleet of line pump for all your needs. Line pumps are a great way to place smaller hard to access jobs.

These include:

  • Driveways, backyard pours
  • Footings
  • Core filling
  • Piers, and any concrete pours that have over head power lines.

Concrete Boom Pump Hire Services

We offer all types and size of booms to meet any residential, commercial or industrial work.  Our booms are well maintained and serviced regularly.

Booms are great to pump work that is on multi-story development and require large reach span such as:

  • Large concrete carparks
  • Multi-story unit developments
  • House-slabs
  • Bridges


Before your pour please call us to discuss your job. As we have had so much experience with different concrete pours we often can offer great insight to your job.

Also please have all the measurements for your job so we can properly assess it.