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    Concrete Pumping Gold Coast


    Reliability in our machinery is our priority
    If you’re looking to get a project or job poured, we have a fleet of well-maintained pumps. To ensure your job is completed on time and efficiently we guarantee well maintained and services equipment.

    Our industry experience as leading pumping contractors, we know how to get the job done and make sure you and the concreters are happy with the delivery of the concrete.

    SIZE of Job
    Typically smaller jobs will always demand a minimum charge, however, if you are unsure of how long or what to order get in touch with us and we can explain to you what you need. When measuring a job for concrete pumping delivery you should measure from where the concrete truck will be and to the start of the concrete pour in linear meters. We can then no what size line or boom pump you need.

    Please have a fair idea of the lineal meters before calling us, which will better help you book and organize a pump for you.

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    Height of Booms
    When selecting a boom pump, make sure the overhead access is clear from obstructions and electrical wires. Please let us know the size of the pour and length of the job and we can give you advice on which boom to book.

    There are a different cost associated with different size pumps, and select times aswell.

    All staff have been properly trained in accordance with regulations and safety. They will always ensure the job is set up on the stable ground and without the chance of hitting anything.

    When using a boom there needs to be access and no overhead powerlines for us to be able to operate safely. Please let us know over the phone if there is any access issues and we will come out and inspect the job.

    Ares Serviced

    We service all over Gold Coast and regional areas aswell. If the larger jobs require multiple pours we will drive further out.

    Types of Work
    We complete all types of concrete pumping work and all over the coast. From large jobs to smaller residential jobs. We work alongside homeowners, builders, concreters and large organizations.

    We place concrete from large slabs, suspended slabs, footpaths and retaining walls. We service all over Gold Coast .

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