Why do you vibrate concrete?

Concrete vibration is used to eliminate small air pockets trapped in the mixture that can create damaging cavities or honeycomb spaces. Learn Boom Pump Hire Info! If the material isn’t vibrated, honeycombing can damage the overall strength and longevity of the project.

What is cohesive soil?

Another name for clay or high clay content soil, referring to its cohesive strength. Learn Boom Pump Hire Info, It can be excavated with vertical side slopes without crumbling and has a high plasticity when moist. When submerged, it remains cohesive, and it is especially difficult to break apart after it is dry. 

What is concrete spading?

A process that uses a flat tool pressed repeatedly against the form to smooth it out. Hand tamping is also used for the consolidation of stiff mixes. Learn Boom Pump Hire Info

What is concrete screed?

A thin material layer placed on a concrete subfloor, screed consists of sharp sand and cement. In more industrial settings, courser aggregates are used. Visit: Boom Pump Hire Information!

What is smooth concrete?

A very basic concrete type accomplished through the use of screeds and trowels to obtain a smooth surface. The finishing is done immediately after the concrete is poured. Visit: Boom Pump Hire Information!

What is concrete honeycombing?

A bumpy condition caused by voids in the material due to lack of mortar filling. It creates a rough texture and broken bits of rock along the slab’s edges. Visit: Boom Pump Hire Information!

What is the difference between compaction and consolidation?

When a material is compacted, air is expelled from it in order to shrink the material and increase density. Consolidation is done with the same intent but involves expelling water instead of air. For more info, check Boom Pump Hire Page

How is concrete consolidated?

Vibration, tamping, or rodding can be used in order to consolidate concrete while it is wet, a process that brings the individual particles closer together, reducing the voids between them. For more info, check Boom Pump Hire Page

What is boom placer?

A vital pice of equipment for high rises, because it can be difficult if not impossible to use a vertical pump in extreme heights. A boom placer is used to station a boom pump on the top floor of a site for easy access. For more info, check Boom Pump Hire Page

How do concrete boom pump work?

The material cylinder extracts concrete from the hopper, and then the discharge cylinder pushes the mix from the pump there it is needed. The two pistons alternate in tandem, pulling and pushing the concrete mixture. For more info, check Boom Pump Hire Page