What are bug holes in concrete?

Voids in the surface of concrete that occur when trapped air bubbles migrate to the visible top of the slab. Most notably bug holes appear in vertical pours. Read more about Line Pump Hire Info

How can quick condition be prevented?

A common condition like this is remedied by lowering the site’s water table prior to excavation or by increasing the length of the water’s upward flow. Read more about Line Pump Hire Info

What is a concrete poker?

It is a tool used to vibrate wet concrete in order to remove air pockets and reduce possibility for cracking. Read more about Line Pump Hire Info

What is pump base plate?

When installing a centrifugal pump, it is a joint base that supports the pump and the associated drive or pump foundation. Once secured the base plate requires protection from piping forces. Check Line Pump Hire Information

What is BB2 pump?

Between a bearing pump and a single stage double suction impeller pump that conforms to an API 610. Check Line Pump Hire Information! The center line mounted casing is mounted with a wear ring, and the casing is split with metal joints with controlled spiral wound compression. 

What is pump plinth?

A type of frame used to create a base for pump machines that is typically between 100 and 150 mm high. The assembled frame is secured to the ground with concrete. Check Line Pump Hire Information

What is pump base?

It is an easy way to maintain, move and protect your equipment. It is helpful for gearbox and motor combination pumps. Visit: Line Pump Hire Page

How do you clean a grout pump?

Clean all interior and exterior parts thoroughly, flushing the internal pump with clean water immediately after use and operate the pump to clear it out. You should continue with this cleaning method until the water discharged contains no more grout particles. Visit: Line Pump Hire Page

Can you pump non shrink grout?

Heavy duty group pumps, designed by the Kenrich line, are used for pumping non-shrink sand based grouts. For aggregate grout, however, ⅜” pea gravel is recommended. Visit: Line Pump Hire Page

What is concrete crazing?

Also called map-cracking, crazing is the term for many fine cracks along the concrete’s surface. This can result from the methods used to cure the concrete or even how it was finished. Visit: Line Pump Hire Page