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Different Types Of Concrete Pumps On The Market

Concrete pumps have been in existence for the past 50 years. They play an important part in most of the construction sites that need to transport concrete to heights. The liquid cement is transferred to the building site by pumping it with the use of a pump. If a construction site needs to transport large quantities of concrete at a greater height, there is no better way to do it than using a pump. This article provides information on the different types of concrete pumps on the market.
There are three major types of pumps used in the construction industry. The truck mounted, or boom pump, stationary or trailer line pump, and the specialized usage pump are these types. The boom pump has a remote controlled robotic arm attached to a truck. This robotic arm is also known as a boom. It is used to place the concrete at the right spot at the construction site. These trucks are usually used in large construction projects due to their capacity to hold a higher volume of concrete in order to complete the task in less time. The robotic arm helps save substantial labor.
The stationary pump is mounted on a trailer. A steel or rubber hose is attached to the machine. The hose is manually attached, and it could be extended depending on the height of the construction project. This equipment pumps concrete at a much lower rate compared to a boom truck. That’s why these trucks are used for small projects that require concrete such as swimming pools, concrete slabs in small homes, and sidewalks.
The specialized usage pump is designed for projects such as tunnels and mines. They could be rail-mounted or skid-mounted. These machines are not commonly used due to the high costs and special mechanisms involved in operating them.
You should decide to use the right equipment depending on your construction project. This equipment comes with numerous advantages to your construction site. They can place concrete at a faster rate and save valuable manpower hours in the process. On the other hand, such equipment can access places that are difficult to access with manual labor. Concrete placing is not affected by harsh weather conditions when you use such a pump. Reliability and the assurance of high-quality work are some of the other benefits offered by these tools.
The aforementioned read offers information on the different types of concrete pumps on the market.


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