What are four reasons why a concrete pump may need to be used?

Concrete pumping may need to be used when time or labor is in need of saving, the site needs to be prepared quicker, control is needed, and versatile placement is needed. Visit: concretepumpingco.com.au/adelaide/

What is static pump?

It is a way of measuring the total vertical distance a pump transports material. Read more here: Concrete Pumping Co Adelaide! The static lift records the difference between the elevation of the source and that of the pump itself, and static discharge measures the distance between the surface and the source being accessed.

What is lean mix?

A type of concrete mix often used as a base layer, lean mix is composed of more liquid than actual cement. On top of this layer, higher density concrete might be poured. Visit: Concrete Pumping Co Adelaide

What is a vertical pump?

This kind of turbine pump was designed specifically for transport of fluids deep beneath the earth’s surface in underground reservoirs. For more info, check Concrete Pumping Co Adelaide Page

How many types of pump are there?

The three major types of pumps include centrifugal pumps, axial-flow pumps, and positive-displacement pumps. For more info, check Concrete Pumping Co Adelaide

Why vertical pumps are used?

Vertical pumps are good for tight spaces, when there is not enough from for an unwieldily typical pump. High pressure and temperature liquids are also best transported through this type of versatile pump. Visit: concretepumpingco.com.au/sydney/

What is a pump line and when is it generally used?

Usually, line pumps are used when concrete doesn’t need to be pumped at as high a volume as boom pumps are used for. Some job applications would be sidewalks, swimming pools, and most types of ground slabs. Visit: concretepumpingco.com.au/sydney/

What are the major problems in using pumping for concreting works?

The major problems can occur when the pump is clogged, improper additives are used, or segregation of the mixture starts to happen. For more info, check Concrete Pumping Co Sydney

How do line pumps work?

They use twin cylinder hydraulic pumps, much like any other pump, with one drawing liquid concrete into a cylinder while the other pushes the concrete out into the discharge pipes. Visit: Concrete Pumping Co Sydney Page

What is line pump?

A type of pump that is mounted onto a truck or trailer for direct hose attachment. These kind of pumps are best for jobs in need of much horizontal pumping, because line pumps allow for as far as the hose will reach. Visit: Concrete Pumping Co Sydney Website