What is suction lift?

A term to describe the negative pressure on the pump’s suction side. The measurement can be taken from the water surface on the suction side all the way up to the centerline of the pump’s hydraulics. Learn more: www.concretepumpingco.com.au

What is the lime concrete?

It is a type of concrete mix that uses lime as a binding material composite with a fine aggregate such as sand and gravel for a coarse aggregate. The ratio depends on the construction type, but the standard proportions are 1:2:3, respectively. Learn more: www.concretepumpingco.com.au

What is shotcrete used for?

This process is used to reinforce excavations, and is very effective on structures extending underground or high above ground, like high-rises. Visit: concretepumpingco.com.au! Shotcrete is typically used in tandem with lagging and other earth anchors.

What is rich mix concrete?

A rich mixture contains the highest portion of cement in relation to liquid components, as opposed to PCC or even lean mixes, which have a lower cement to liquid ratio. A harsh mixture contains no aggregate fines or mortar, causing an undesirable workability and consistency. Visit: concretepumpingco.com.au

What is Plum concrete?

A type of concrete mixture that incorporates larger stones in order to fill up bigger areas more efficiently. For more info, check Concrete Pumping Co Home. When plum concrete is used, the price of the materials goes down without compromising the structure, because finely graded concrete is more expensive. 

What is difference between lean concrete and PCC?

PCC concrete contains a higher cement content than lean concrete, which has a higher water content and is therefore more liquid in consistency. For more info, check Concrete Pumping Co Home. Plain cement concrete (PCC) has a higher cement to water ratio. 

What is a hydraulic gear pump?

A hydraulic pump is designed to change its mechanical energy into fluid power. For more info, check Concrete Pumping Co Home Page! These types of pumps are all positive displacement; the outlet flow and inlet flow are sealed off from each other. Small quantities of fluid are allowed to slip into the mechanical part for… Continue reading What is a hydraulic gear pump?

What is a water booster?

A pump that enhances water pressure and forces faster flowing rates through plumbing pipes. For more info, check Concrete Pumping Co Home Page

What is NPSH pump?

The NPSH stands for a Net Positive Suction Head, a way to measure the net loss of pressure that occurs when the pump is first housed, a difference between inlet pressure and the lowest pressure. Visit: Concrete Pumping Co Website

What is a placing boom?

The name refers to a boom pump that is mounted on the top floor of a building so that it can articulate and place concrete from that vantage point. Visit: Concrete Pumping Co Website