How fast does a concrete pump work?

By using a series of interlocked pipes and hoses, a ground line hydraulic pump can transport concrete from a hopper to a pour site at around 1 cubic meter per minute. It can stretch up to 150 meters as well, including above or around small obstacles. Visit Concrete Pumping Co Melbourne Website

Is pumped concrete weaker?

View more at Concrete Pumping Co Melbourne!  With the same ratio of aggregate to cement, the driest mix deliverable by a concrete pump can withstand up to 3000 PSI. When using a chute, however, the consistency will be wetter and therefore only able to withstand around 2000 PSI when cured.

How do I choose a concrete pump?

You want to go by the manufacturer, what the pump will be used for, how complex the project is in terms of casting, and your budget. Visit Concrete Pumping Co Melbourne Page

How many pumps are used in pumping of concrete?

Three main types of concrete pumps are used: a trailer, line or stationary pump; a boom or truck mounted pump; a specialized usage pump. Check Concrete Pumping Co in Melbourne Website

What is the advantage of pumped concrete?

Pumping concrete allows for work to continue even when the weather is poor. It is also quicker and easier to pour multiple small amounts across a job site with those kind of pours. Using concrete pumping also saves labor, as fewer workers are required. Check Concrete Pumping Co in Melbourne

How do you maintain a concrete pump?

Several items must be checked on a regular basis. Check for grout in the oil and the wash-box, and then drain the water. Make sure the pump’s back end is greased, and the accumulator’s gas pressure is checked. Replace any blown fuses and inspect the steering fluid, radiation fluid, and tires for any necessary repairs.… Continue reading How do you maintain a concrete pump?

How far can a pump truck reach?

A ground line hydraulic pump has a concrete moving capability of 1 cubic meter per minute and may cover a distance of up to 150 meters. Check Concrete Pumping Co in Brisbane

How high can you pump concrete?

A typical boom pump can reach 41.9 meters (137 feet) vertically, with a horizontal reach of 38 meters (124.7 feet). It is possible to purchase an extended boom reaching over 200 feet. Check Concrete Pumping Co in Brisbane

What type of pump is used for concrete?

A boom concrete pump is used because it can be remote controlled with high accuracy using a robotic articulating arm. On larger construction sites, boom pumps are used to save labor and pump at a high volume. Visit:

What is concrete pumping used for?

It is a way to lay concrete by using a tool called a concrete pump, that transfers the liquid concrete to where it is needed. The truck itself is equipped with a rotating drum in order to mix the concrete. Visit: